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Our Advanced Artist Management course is for current artist managers, or any student that has previously completed our Artist Management course.


During this advanced course we'll rapidly build upon your foundation in artist management, providing the very latest skills and techniques for success, whilst developing cutting edge innovative ideas and concepts, set to revolutionise our profession. We'll examine everything from the building of your artist management company, intellectual property protection, techniques for breaking into emerging territories, skills in creating fan experience journeys, explanations of new technologies such as blockchain, AI and much more. Our Advanced Artist Management course will place you at the front of the rapidly evolving music business ecosystem.

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Evening Courses (18:30 to 21:00):

08-29 April 2020 | Wednesdays 

Weekend Courses (10:30 to 16:00):

15-16 August 2020 | Sat & Sun 

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Meet The Course Leader | Matt Errington

Hi, I’m Matt, the Advanced Artist Management tutor at SMB: The School of Music Business.  

I began my career as a music journalist, working at national publications such as Time Out, Dazed and Confused and Spin magazine. I later became a successful music business entrepreneur and artist manager, running campaigns for a host of successful bands that saw me work alongside the likes of photographer Rankin, sign major international publishing and recording contracts, lead headline tours of the UK, Europe, America and much more. In 2015, I won the Music Export For Growth award from The BPI and UK Trade and Industry, for my work developing UK artists overseas.  

In 2018 I was appointed Expert Board Member for Jump: The European Music Market Accelerator, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, to help develop innovative new business models within the industry. From now until 2022, we will be supporting some of the most innovative music businesses in the world. You can also find me talking regularly at industry events, including SXSW, Liverpool Sound City, Line 6 What's Next Conferences, MIL - Lisbon International Music Network and many others.  I love passing on my knowledge and experience to help artists and new music business professionals find their feet in the business. 


Artist managers are having to keep pace with a rapidly evolving industry. Those that can work in unison with those changes, are the managers that succeed for themselves and their clients. Our Advanced Artist Management course provides you with these new skills, cutting edge techniques and encourages the development of your own innovative ideas.



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Topics Covered | Syllabus


Module 1

  • The artist management company 

    • Structure, formation and development

    • New business models for the manager and artist

    • Contracting staff and the forms of compensation

    • Finding, developing and utilising management interns

    • Job description templates and appraisals

  • The artist manager’s business plan

  • Conflicts of interest and issues of expanding the role of the manager to label and publishing functions 

  • Investment

    • Finding investment for your company

    • Artist investment agreements

  • The manager as a consultant​

  • Restructuring the music industry for a new age​

  • Business managers and their role

  • The new music industry​ including the post album era, the next format of social music and labels as a service

  • Introduction to the practical project

Module 2

  • Artist on-boarding process

  • Working with a signed artist

  • Establishing successful relationships with your artist’s record label

    • An in-depth look at contract provisions and their implications

    • Overseeing and supporting the in-house marketing of an artist at a record label

    • Monitoring label spend and support

  • Artist development 

    • New methods of development

    • The artist as a writer - managing writers

    • The artist as a producer - managing producers

    • Co-writes, ghost writers and organising splits and
      ownership of music

    • Collaborations and featured artists

    • The artist influencer - developing artists that have found initial success in other areas including TV and fashion

    • Secondary revenue streams for the artist

  • Professional pitching and presentation masterclass

Module 3

  • Fanbase engagement 

    • Audience building

    • Fan base nurturing and growth

    • Understanding and cementing the principal connection
      of the super fan

    • Latest discovery techniques including the growth of new platforms such as Tiktok

  • Managing digital design and new fan experiences

    • Working with digital designers 

    • Building user experiences with brands and label creatives

    • The fan experience journey - a case study 

  • Successful management of brand partnerships

    • Best practice guides for building these relationships

    • Latest developments in how brands are partnering with music

    • Pitching an established artist for sponsorship & brand support

    • Working with entertainment lawyers​

    • IP, copyright and trademarks

Module 4

  • Big data - the manager as a data analyst

    • Sources of data, ownership, protection and uses​

  • Blockchain, VR, AI and advances in music business technology

    • Implications and case studies of practical usage ​

  • Developing revenue in emerging international territories

    • The growth and future prospects of emerging markets and issues associated with them, including China & the Middle East

    • Issues and opportunities for developing foreign language artists in English speaking territories 

    • International showcases and how to use them successfully for industry networking 

    • A guide to trans-national support including Jump: European Music Market Accelerator and MEGS: Music Export For Growth Scheme

    • Applying for visas, requirements and costs

    • Using new sources of data to target and grow international territories where the artist is finding success

  • Conclusion of practical project


Requirements | Who The Course Is For

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Current and established artist managers looking to update and advance their professional skills.

  • Alumni of the Artist Management course at SMB.

  • Students interested in the advanced workings of artist management and an understanding of methods being used by the best artist managers today.

  • If you are new to artist management, we recommend completing our Artist Management course first, before enrolling on this Advanced Artist Management course.  

  • A passion for music and an interest in the music industry.

  • Previous experience in artist management, or having already taken our Artist Management course.

  • 18 years and over.

  • A note pad and pen for note taking during the course.

  • Students receive a Certificate of Completion, signed by the tutor and the school directors.

Are there any requirements? Will I get a certificate?


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