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Independent Artist Bootcamp

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Being a successful independent artist, means running a successful business. In this comprehensive, practical and pioneering course, we'll provide the latest skills for the independent artist to succeed in creating a brand proposition, in building a passionate digital and real-world fanbase, in self-releasing and promoting your work, and in monetising incredible talent.

We'll show you step by step, how to take the lead, protect your creative freedom and safeguard the ownership of your music, in this independent era. You’ll be taught by leading music professionals, meet likeminded individuals, examine real world case studies and take part in engaging activities. Most importantly - you’ll learn the latest skills to succeed in your music career, on your own terms and you'll see why there's never been a better time to be an independent artist.

Once you’ve completed your course with us, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to add to your CV. We’ll also spend some time with you privately, to discuss your own music and your future plans. Whether you’d like some input on a release strategy, advice on brand implementation or suggestions on your marketing plan, we'll provide that support.

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