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Music Marketing & Promotion

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What are the most successful and up to date methods of marketing bands and artists? Our Music Marketing & Promotion course is the most comprehensive place to start - guiding you through a masterclass in promoting artists and their music.

We’ll start by examining traditional music marketing strategies, and together we’ll create an innovative digital marketing campaign, embracing all of the latest techniques used in media (print and online), streaming services and playlists, radio & press promotion (online and traditional), retail & distribution (digital and physical), advertising, touring and more.

You'll discover how to define and develop the brand of an artist/band, how to secure influencer support including press, radio and playlist features, and how to utilise the many digital tools available to us in 2020. We'll then bring our new skills together and plan the perfect release campaign.

It's an in depth and entertaining 'how to' for finding, building and monetising an audience for music today.

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