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Learn The Skills To Succeed As An Independent Artist

Are you an independent artist or band, looking to build a successful career? If so, then our Independent Artist Bootcamp is for you!

Being a successful independent artist, means running a successful business. In this comprehensive, practical and pioneering course, we'll provide you with the latest skills to succeed in creating a brand proposition, building a passionate digital and real-world fanbase, self-releasing and promoting your work, and monetising your incredible talent.


We'll show you step by step, how to take the lead, protect your creative freedom and safeguard the ownership of your music, in this independent era.

You’ll be taught by leading music professionals, meet likeminded individuals, examine real world case studies and take part in engaging activities. Most importantly - you’ll learn the latest skills to succeed in your music career, on your own terms and you'll see why there's never been a better time to be an independent artist. 

After our bootcamp you may want to understand more about how the wider music industry works, how it's structured and the roles of professionals within it; labels, A&R, management, publishers, agents and more. If so, then our popular Music Business Fundamentals Course would be the perfect next step. 

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Online in our virtual classroom:

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12 - 20 Oct 2020 | Each Mon & Tues | 17:00 - 19:30 *

* Times in BST (UK time)

 Speak with a course advisor   | 0207 0784022

Some of the areas we'll cover:

  • The artist entrepreneur: your money and your business

  • Creating a career plan and strategy

  • Protecting and monetising your music and brand

  • Copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property

  • Band partnership agreements

  • A guide to working with co-writers and producers

  • Building the independent team and services available

  • Independent distribution: releasing your music

  • Collection societies: PRS, PPL and MCPS

  • New ways of independently working with the industry 

  • Securing syncs and brand partnerships

  • Branding masterclass: your artist proposition

  • Social media masterclasses in building your audience

    • Includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok

  • Content creation and proliferation

  • Securing press, tastemaker support and radio plays

  • A comprehensive guide to streaming services

  • Spotify marketing workshop - getting on to playlists

  • Live strategy and touring logistics

  • The perfect release strategy and timetable

  • Funding opportunities for the independent artist

Hear from one of our recent Independent Artist Bootcamp students | Serena Ittoo


I took the Independent Artist Bootcamp in February 2020. Honestly, the course has been life changing and has opened up doors for me to explore for my career in the music industry. Matt who led the course is really inspiring and his knowledge of the music industry business is fantastic. His sharing of knowledge and tools are so valuable to me as an artist and I now feel even more excited for my future career in the music industry, where I can now explore new opportunities with clearer precision and clarity. 


Read the full review here

Meet The Course Leader | Matt Errington

Hi, I’m Matt, the Independent Artist Bootcamp tutor at SMB: The School of Music Business.  
I began my career as a music journalist, working at national publications such as Time Out, Dazed and Confused and Spin magazine. I later became a successful music business entrepreneur, music marketer and artist manager, running campaigns for a host of successful bands that saw me work alongside the likes of photographer Rankin, sign major international publishing and recording contracts, lead headline tours of the UK, Europe, America and much more. Today I continue to lead campaigns that have secured millions of Spotify plays, international playlist support and streaming chart entries. In 2015, I won the Music Export For Growth award from The BPI and UK Trade and Industry, for my work developing UK artists overseas.  

In 2018 I was appointed Expert Board Member for Jump: The European Music Market Accelerator, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, to help develop innovative new business models within the industry. From now until 2023, we will be supporting some of the most innovative music businesses in the world. You can also find me talking regularly at industry events, including SXSW, Liverpool Sound City, Line 6 What's Next Conferences, MIL - Lisbon International Music Network and many others.  I love passing on my knowledge and experience to help artists and new music business professionals find their feet in the business. 

Winner of 'The BPI's Music Export For Growth Scheme Award' for his work developing artists internationally.

"Matt Errington has been able to give his bands a major boost on an independent budget."

"Errington is on a mission to not just change the perception of the industry but to professionalise those within it."

Expert Board Member of EU's Jump European Music Market Accelerator

Want to talk to a course advisor? Contact us on Live Chat, or call us today: 

Independent Artist Bootcamp | Syllabus

Modules 1 & 2

We'll be covering all of these topics :

  • The independent artist entrepreneur

    • Your business as an independent artist

    • Your revenues – where the money comes from

  • Structure your business and get organised

  • Set your objectives and targets – the career plan

  • Onboarding – getting started and getting serious

  • Understand, protect and monetise your rights:

    • Sound recording copyrights

    • Composition copyrights

    • Trademarks and Intellectual Property

    • Protecting your work

  • Band partnership agreements

    • A guide to the BPA and what to include and consider

    • Splits of revenue, name ownership, adding members, departing members etc.

    • Disputes, disagreements, voting rights and commitments

    • Sample agreement

  • Working with producers

    • Producer agreements

    • How, when and what do producers get paid?

  • Working with co-writers

    • Setting up song writing sessions

    • Songwriter splits and agreements

  • Building and contracting the independent team

  • A guide to independent distributors

  • Collect the money you are owed

  • Working with collection agencies – PRS, PPL, MCPS

    • Administration deals

  • Legal representation and the Musicians Union

  • New tools, apps and services designed for the independent artist

  • When and how to engage with managers, labels and publishers

    • How to build contacts in the business

    • A guide to pitching and presenting

  • Securing sync and brand partnerships as an independent artist

Modules 3 & 4

We'll be covering all of these topics :

  • Branding masterclass

    • Find your artist proposition

    • Practical activity to define and develop your brand story

  • Facebook and Instagram promotion

    • Building fan engagement on both platforms

    • Increasing organic reach & understanding the algorithms

    • Best types of content, best times to post, and tips from social media stars

    • Social advertising strategy and budgeting

    • The rise of the ‘story’ and it’s best use – case studies

  • Social music success: a look at best use of TikTok

  • Content creation – the 30 types of content that drive engagement on social media

  • PR and radio - working with publicists and pluggers

  • Securing your own press as an independent artist

  • Securing your own radio – how to get spot plays

  • Spotify marketing workshop

    • How to get on to Spotify curated playlists – a full guide

  • The Spotify For Artists app – and how to utilise it’s potential

  • Pre-saves functions and working closely with your distributor

  • How to secure label playlist support (Filtr, Topsify and Digster)

  • Creating and promoting your own playlists

  • Live strategy

    • Working with agents and promoters

    • Booking your own shows, tours or festivals

    • Advancing a show and organising the execution of it

    • DIY tour management

  • The perfect independent release strategy

    • The six week plan of action

    • Distribution

    • The assets you need to create

    • Finding your media hook

    • Lead in times and impact dates

  • Funding opportunities

    • Applying for grants and funding your artist project

    • PRS Foundation, PRS Momentum, MEGS and Arts Councils

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