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Ivan Marziano

The Record Label Business Course

How did your time at SMB help you in starting and running your own record label?

My first SMB course was really my starting point into the Music Industry – I distinctly remember being blown over by the first session simply because of how much substance there was to absorb, and I think that the bottom line is that it is difficult for outsiders to figure out just how multi-faceted the music business is. Working with SMB, I was given an opportunity to make sense of it all with the help of experienced professionals who were always very happy to share their experiences and tips well beyond the call of duty. Of course, it was also a great environment to network with peers who, like me, had limited experience in the field.

What are your professional goals and ambitions for the future?

My aims are somewhat morphing as I learn more about the modern music industry, and my scope has expanded away from a purely regional focus. Having said that, the ethos behind Painted Halo remains the same – to provide emerging musicians with a fair, ethical platform into national and international reach. My goal is to ensure organic sustainable growth for the label through high quality releases, but at the same time aim to be a recognisable brand within the next 3 years. One of my ambitions is to stage our own showcase at the Great Escape, and I’ve given myself until 2021 to achieve this! A joint release with Alcopop! under the AlcoPaint banner would also be cool, but don’t tell Jack I said this ;-p


What advice do you have for someone considering a career in record labels? 

Keep asking yourself “What am I bringing in?”. In the era of artist-owned labels, DIY labels and Artist Services labels, you should always be clear on what you have to offer to an artist, and you should keep asking yourself that question as the business is constantly evolving. It’s not an easy one to answer, it’s hard for well established labels which are constantly re-inventing themselves, but it’s even tougher for new labels.


What are you most proud of in your career so far?

In fairness, I have barely made a dent on my ambition so far, but I’m delighted I’ve had the opportunity to meet inspirational folks whom I have learned a lot from.


What should we be looking out for in the coming months from your label? 

We’re about to announce a significant venture with a well-established music blog which is going to give Painted Halo exposure, credibility and access to a pool of emerging artists (hey, we might be cool, but we’re still young!). From this, we’re hoping to achieve up to 4 releases in the next 12 months.


What would you say to someone considering enrolling on to the Record Label Business course at SMB?


Hand to heart, I would say if you’re thinking about joining one, stop thinking and just do it. I really was not sure what to expect prior to joining, but their format is a both a perfect introduction in terms of content to course duration ratio, and amazing value for money.


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My goal is to ensure organic sustainable growth for the label through high quality releases, but at the same time aim to be a recognisable brand within the next 3 years



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