We created SMB: The School of Music Business

to offer the highest standard of music industry education in the United Kingdom. 

Our Mission Statement: 
To fulfil dreams of excelling in the music industry, through exceptional education and support.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to enrol for years to study the music business. At SMB, our team of industry experts work really hard to ensure our short, affordable courses always address the latest needs of the music industry.

Our current program includes SMB's most popular course, Music Business Fundamentals, our Independent Artist Bootcamp, and focused courses in Artist Management, Music Marketing, Music Publishing and The Record Label Business. We also offer one-to-one consultancy for both artists and music businesses.

We pride ourselves on our unique offering of passionate, engaging and honest education, and we take the responsibility of supporting our students incredibly seriously.

First and foremost; we LOVE music!

Music is an incredibly important part of our lives, and therefore the business that takes care of it, and the individuals involved, are equally as important.

We are extremely passionate about supporting artists and new music in the UK, and we go out of our way to help our students, doing all we can to support them as they find their feet in the most exciting business in the world. 

All of our tutors are leading music business professionals.

We believe that the highest quality music business education should be delivered by the most experienced and respected people that are working in the industry today.

That's why all of our tutors are current, leading music business professionals, with the most up to date knowledge, experience and industry techniques to help you succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.

Meet Matt and Dan

Our founders, Matt and Dan, created SMB: The School of Music Business in 2016, after many years of working in the industry.


They recognised that music business education in the UK was outdated, expensive and uninspiring, and set out to make a difference - focusing on the most exciting and important areas of the music industry, and offering the most in-depth and affordable courses available.  

We believe...

There has never been a more exciting time to work in the music industry!

Thanks to the increasing success of streaming, the global reach of social media, innovative brand partnerships and more, revenues in the music industry are high and are continuing to rise.

If you have a passion for music, and you’re interested in learning more about the business, enrol on to one of our popular courses today, and come and see why we receive 5 star reviews across the board.

If you’re unsure which path to take, give us a call on 0207 078 4022, or email us at info@theschoolofmusicbusiness.com. We’ll do all we can to help!

Realise your dreams of music industry success

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