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The Power of Music in TV Adverts: Memorable Campaigns

Music has the ability to arouse emotions, forge enduring memories, and affect purchasing decisions. Advertisers have long understood how music can improve their campaigns and increase their impact and memorability. We'll look at some famous commercials that successfully used music to their advantage in this blog post, along with the factors that contributed to their success. Check the videos out on YouTube.

Coca-Cola: "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"

The catchy song "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" was sung by a diverse group of people in this iconic Coca-Cola advertisement from 1971 on a hilltop. The brand's image and the song's message of harmony and unity were perfectly compatible, creating a memorable and endearing advertisement that has lasting power.

Apple: "1984"

Ridley Scott's ground-breaking "1984" Apple commercial made the Macintosh computer popular worldwide. The epic, orchestral score and the dramatic visuals held the audience's interest while clearly communicating Apple's innovative spirit and dedication to upending the status quo.

Nike: "Revolution"

Nike's "Revolution" advertisement from 1987 featured the Beatles' song of the same name, connecting the company with the 1960s cultural revolution. The upbeat music and images of athletes in action helped to further establish Nike's reputation as a brand for rebels and game-changers.

Volkswagen: "Pink Moon"

Volkswagen used Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" in a Cabrio convertible ad in 1999. The meditative and reflective song evoked feelings of nostalgia and escape, making an emotional connection with the audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Old Spice: "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"

Old Spice's humorous 2010 advertising campaign, which featured a memorable jingle and an engaging spokesperson, went viral right away. Through humour and clever music use, the memorable advertisement successfully repositioned the brand and appealed to a younger audience.

Cadbury: "Gorilla"

In the "Gorilla" advertisement for Cadbury from 2007, a gorilla played the drums to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." The audience was drawn in by the unexpected pairing of the music and images, which made for a memorable and enjoyable commercial that improved Cadbury's brand image.

Oreo: "Wonderfilled"

The whimsical, catchy song from Oreo's "Wonderfilled" campaign from 2013 highlighted the joy of sharing cookies. Audiences connected with the upbeat song and encouraging message, which also emphasised Oreo's playful, lighthearted brand persona.

John Lewis: "The Long Wait"

The Smiths' "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" was covered for John Lewis' 2011 Christmas advertisement, "The Long Wait." The choice of the moving song, along with the touching tale of a young boy waiting for Christmas, produced a strong and memorable commercial that touched the audience's hearts.

Pepsi: "We Will Rock You"

Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Pink performed Queen's "We Will Rock You" in a gladiator-themed commercial for Pepsi in 2004. The epic and stirring song selection, along with the all-star cast, produced an unforgettable commercial that viewers will never forget.

Volvo: "The Epic Split"

In the Volvo "The Epic Split" commercial from 2013, Jean-Claude Van Damme pulled off an amazing stunt while listening to Enya's ethereal "Only Time." The calming music and the dramatic contrast between the images made the advertisement memorable and captivating, showcasing Volvo's accuracy.

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