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Rebekah Ubuntu

Music Marketing Alumni

How did your time at SMB help you with your artistic promotion, marketing & branding?

The marketing programme helped me to understand the difference between branding and marketing and how they work in tandem. It also gave me a template to work from and I am currently applying this to my upcoming single release strategy. 

What are your professional goals and ambitions for the future?

To forge a sustainable and successful career as an artist and to establish a team to support this vision. 


What advice do you have for someone else trying to market themselves for a career in music?

I would recommend anyone trying to market themselves for a career in music to take courses at SMB. After doing a lot of research on other courses and programmes, I settled on SMB and I’m so glad I did. The learning I received has transformed my outlook on music marketing and branding, boosting my confidence and my ambition. I would also suggest sourcing a mentor, someone to talk your marketing ideas over with. Source case studies - people who are a step or two ahead of you in their career – what are they doing well? Analyse their releases and online marketing and branding – what can you adopt for yourself at a realistic budget? It all helps and provides invaluable learning for the rest of your career.


What are you most proud of from your career and your art?

I am most proud of getting a first in my music degree. My final year project and dissertation centred on the development of a conceptual EP and designing a successful release strategy. The course content at SMB was a core research source for this. I am also proud of my commissions from Tate Britain and Tate Modern, which occurred while I was doing my degree and provided me with invaluable professional experience as an artist.


What should we be expecting from your music in the coming months? 

I have just finished two conceptual EP projects, which I wrote, co-produced and performed on. I am planning their releases and marketing so expect music videos and interesting visuals.


What would you say to someone considering joining the Music Marketing course at SMB?


Do it! I gained in-depth up-to-date music marketing knowledge based on present-day case studies and current industry practices. I learnt more on SMB’s music marketing programme than on any other course, workshop or conference I took previously. I attribute this to the teacher’s transparency, clarity and commitment to ethical practice. He equipped me with the information (including tips and tricks!) I need to create excellent marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd. He answered my questions openly and honestly and shared relevant industry insights to further my progress. The programme is taught in a way that is accessible and immediately implementable. I would say do the course – it’s the absolute best value for money.



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The learning I received has transformed my outlook on music marketing and branding, boosting my confidence and my ambition.



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