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" I will leave a different person to who I was when I first walked in and will use all I’ve learnt to succeed in the industry and help others to realise their dreams. Thank you! "


- Bryan John (Trustpilot)

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Music Business Courses in London

I just completed the 5 week Music Business Fundamentals Course under the tutelage of Matt Errington. Finding the SMB website was a blessing as I had started to doubt that I would ever find a way in to the music industry. This course was great for someone like me who came in with a huge passion for music and a desire to work in the industry but who has no experience, connections or real understanding of the inner workings. As much as I am sad the course is over (although I have just signed up to the Music Publishing, Sync and Licensing course starting this week), I feel armed with enough practical knowledge to get my career in music off the ground. Inspired by Matt's own story of how he first became an Artist Manager, I have just begun managing a singer/songwriter - something I would never have had the confidence to do before taking the course.
As a tutor, Matt is incredibly knowledgable and very concise in the way he delivers the information. He takes time to make sure you have understood the information and follows up each session by emailing you his very detailed notes (which are already proving invaluable).
I would encourage anyone considering a course at SMB to do it. Not only does it save hours of painstaking online searches and headaches, it's also taught by someone currently working in the industry so you are guaranteed the information you are taught is up-to-date.

Gary Wood

Randomly came across SMB while searching information on music business on the internet and it was one of the greatest bits of luck I had while working on my music project.

Matt possesses an impressive knowledge and experience accumulated over the years working with some of the biggest names in the music world, and he’s happy to share it all with you.

I did Music Marketing and Artist Management courses, both of which provided a great insight into the specificities of this industry and explained what works and what doesn’t.

Also during private sessions I received a lot of invaluable advices that helped me put the whole project together, polish it and define whom to approach with it and how.

Highly recommend to try out the courses whether you’re a DIY musician just starting off or already a professional with presence on the music scene, or even just curious to know more about the industry.

Danila stepin
(via Facebook)

Music Marketing is one of the most important tools that one should have as a budding artist and this course was truly a God send for me! Upon reflection before I did this course at SMB, I was just another artist clutching at the straws of destiny and hoping that my luck will make people hear what I have to say through my songs. I was truly alone and in the dark.

It’s a lot of information at one go yes but once you have the most up to date knowledge you can then tailor it further with personal workshops that SMB provide. I have attended one of these workshops with Matt and am very pleased to have received the professional guidance I needed to get my branding awesome outcome!

After this course you will be able to move into music marketing as a career or use the knowledge to leverage your own work as I have done.

Finally and importantly you have “Matt” as your tutor….Matt is a kind, passionate, knowledgeable and genuine person who truly believes in helping people understand the world of Music. He is a believer and there are not many of those in this world I can tell you.

So in a nutshell what’s there not to love about this course?- its affordable, unique and tailored thereby opening you up to a world of new possibilities

As they say “seek and you shall find”

Pritz Talwar

(via Facebook)

For a peace of mind, this was the perfect investment. I studied Artist Management with Matt Errington who carries a heavy load of experience. Extremely insightful, extremely passionate and takes so much pride in what he does.

Everything you need to know about Artist Management which I studied is right here. I picked this course at random myself via Google search and as you can imagine, I really didn't know what to expect.

Excellent location, free parking in certain parts within the area after 6.30pm. A very comfortable environment space and a close, intimate atmosphere.

Exceptional team of people who are GENUINELY willing to help you exceed your level of ambition in the music business indeed.

I cannot express anymore than I've tried to in this review. All I can say is thank you so much for everything. You're all doing a phenomenal job and I'm sure you'll continue to find ways of keeping the level of standards to an exceptionally high level.

Andrew ives

(via Facebook)

I would highly recommend SMB to anyone working in the music industry as well as those aspiring to. I took the Artist Management course and, as an artist manager myself, found it to be beneficial.


The course tutor, Matt, has a wealth of experience as an artist manager as well as in various other roles in the music business. He possesses a talent and passion for teaching that is engaging and enjoyable; I've never been in a classroom before where the time went so fast! One thing that stood out to me was the level of feedback and assistance Matt was willing to offer his students; he truly cared about helping each student and providing as much support wherever he could.


I look forward to taking further courses at SMB in the future.

Andrew Rhodes
(via Facebook)

Just finished the course. I had a wonderful teacher, always ready to help and share his wisdom either in or out of school hours. The course covers a lot of areas and it has given me the knowledge to start working on my own band.


I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the music industry or to any musician out there looking to make their band a great one.

Vasco Batista
(via Facebook)

The course gave me a great insight into the industry overall as well as covering some key topics like how to manage social media.


I would highly recommend this to any artists starting their careers or anyone like me who wants to work in the industry but is unsure where exactly their skills may fit! Great guest speakers and a lot of ongoing support from the school!

Tamara Wright
(via Facebook)

I started managing some DJ/Producers after ADE last year and despite having 2 great mentors I felt like I needed a much better understanding of the role so I started to research courses as I enjoy that structure of learning something new and finally came across SMB which I knew was the right one after having spoken to Dan on the phone.


Matt had also been awarded something by the company I currently work for (The BPI) so I knew I had the right school. Matt is a great teacher and extremely passionate about what he does. I could not recommend more!

LAura Ames-carder (via Facebook)

I recently completed a course at SMB and would happily recommend it to anyone with an interest in joining the music industry. My teacher was great, with years of experience and insight into the inner workings of the industry. The main thing I took away from this course is a better understanding into the area of the music industry I would like to be a part of,

as well as now understanding how to communicate and network with professionals within the industry.

Miles Smith
(via Facebook)

I did the music marketing course with Matt and would recommend it to anyone. Whether you are professional already or just about to be professional, you will learn so much. In an industry that is changing so quickly, as a result of the course, I am now confident that what I know is totally up to date. Matt is adaptable to all levels and has many years of hands on experience in the industry. He is super-helpful and approachable if you need extra help with anything. Five stars!

Melpomeni Kermanidou
(via Facebook)

Enrolled at SMB earlier this year, hands down one of the best things I've done! Matt and Dan were brilliant throughout the whole course and have continued to support me giving tips on tracks I'm working on, tips about how I can improve my social media presence and are even helping me amend my CV so I can look for work!


I would recommend anyone who is looking for a job in the music industry to enrol on a course.

Joe Younger
(via Facebook)

I have attended the Artist Management and Marketing courses and about to start the Record Label one, so I absolutely recommend everyone who is considering to study any of the courses offered by SMB to go ahead and do it!!

Matt is a great, great teacher. Not only it is obvious he has lots of knowledge on the subjects, but he is fun and clear too. Great to met him and enjoy the classes with him!

Emma Entero
(via Facebook)

After going to gigs for 35 years, with a little bit of playing a long time ago, I booked myself onto the Artist Management course not quite knowing what to expect. 

What an amazing and inspiring course! The passion that Matt has for all aspects of music, not just the elements covered in the course, was obvious and infectious. 

The course itself was well constructed and informative, providing the skills required for a career as a responsible artist manager.


My only criticism is that the time passed too quickly as the course was so enjoyable!

Mike Monair
(via Facebook)

I enrolled onto the Artist Management course recently with Matt Errington as the tutor, I had a really enjoyable experience and learnt so much... Which for someone entering the artist management industry is key.


Every part of the course was broken down and I know feel confident moving forward.It was well worth travelling from Birmingham every week....


Matt you're a credit to the music industry, many thanks for your help and support !!!

Fez Khan
(via Facebook)

I can highly recommend the SMB. I thoroughly enjoyed my course in Music Marketing with Matt. He has magnificent breadth of knowledge across the board of the business and is also really approachable which helps enormously.


I enrolled because as a mature artist with years of experience of recording and performing globally, unsigned, I was very weak in the social media dept. Although there is still a mountain of work to do, Matt inspired me to get on with it stage by stage to the point where I now actually enjoy it! 

Nicky Rubin
(via Facebook)

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