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"Musicians are having to take control of their business affairs much more than they've been expected to in the past. Some artists decide to run their careers almost entirely independently, self-managing, self-releasing and self-publishing their own works... and for those that still seek a traditional record deal, the labels expect the musicians to have done a great deal of the leg work first! An artist that lacks a clear understanding of how the business works will simply not succeed. It's important to be armed with knowledge and the necessary business skills in order to take advantage of the industry, and to avoid being taken advantage of by it. At SMB we can provide you with those vital tools.

We also offer courses to those that will influence, improve and lead the future of the music industry - courses for music entrepreneurs. Our students have gone on to full time employment and internships at major record labels, international management companies, music PR firms and more. Many have also gone on to use the skills and connections they found at SMB to set up their own music businesses. We continue to support our students, even after the course ends, as they begin their endeavours into the world's most exciting industry.

And now, we are working with a host of charities and organisations, to provide a number of free scholarship places on every course, so those with music business talent, who would usually be unable to access such opportunities for social or financial reasons, can benefit. We will put artists back in control, give new business leaders a strong foundation and provide the best possible chance of huge success in the music industry."

Music Business Courses in London

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