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Embracing Authenticity: Using BeReal to Connect with Fans

Independent musicians need to come up with creative ways to connect with their audiences in a world where a person's social media presence frequently determines their success. Building a devoted fanbase depends on being authentic and being engaged in genuine ways. If you have ever completed our Music Marketing course, you'll be familiar with my mantra of "humanise to monetise!". Independent musicians have a chance to present their authentic selves and develop closer relationships with their fans thanks to the social media platform BeReal, which focuses on unplanned and unfiltered content. We'll discuss the advantages of BeReal for independent artists in this blog post, as well as how they can use the service to expand their fan bases.

1. Displaying the True You

Randomly asking users to take a photo of their current surroundings and share it with their followers is part of BeReal's innovative approach to content creation. Fans can get a genuine sense of relatability and connection with an artist by getting a raw, unedited look into their daily lives. Independent artists can increase fan loyalty and trust by embracing the unfiltered nature of BeReal.

2. Making the artist persona more human

Independent artists may be able to reveal their true selves thanks to the spontaneous nature of BeReal's content prompts, which dissolves the barriers frequently brought about by excessively curated social media profiles. Sharing unguarded moments humanises the artist and fosters a stronger sense of connection with the audience, whether it be a peek into the creative process, a snapshot of downtime, or an insight into life on the road.

3. Making Personalised Fan Experiences

Independent artists can use BeReal as a platform to connect with their most devoted fans and share behind-the-scenes information and exclusive content. Artists can foster a sense of intimacy and exclusivity, strengthening the sense of community among their fanbase, by providing a window into their world.

4. Real-Time Fan Engagement

The real-time content sharing function of BeReal promotes quick fan interaction. When artists are asked to post a photo, their fans are notified and can comment as the image is posted. This immediate interaction gives artists the chance to interact with fans, respond to inquiries, or start conversations in real time, strengthening the bond between the artist and their audience.

5. Working together with other artists

BeReal is a platform for networking and collaborating with other musicians by independent artists. Musicians can build relationships, exchange ideas, and even work together on projects by engaging with and following other artists on the platform. This will increase their audience and open up new growth prospects.

Independent artists have a special opportunity to connect with their fans on BeReal in an unfiltered and genuine way. Artists can strengthen their connections with their audience, humanise their persona, and cultivate a devoted and active fanbase by embracing the spontaneity and realness of BeReal. Independent musicians who embrace new platforms and place a priority on building real relationships with their fans will be better positioned to thrive in a constantly shifting environment as the music business develops. View our courses at


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